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I’ve always loved telling stories. My favorite is the one where I sent the wrong letter to the right boy. We were married the next summer. I attended LDS Business College where I earned an Associate’s in Computer Technology and Brigham Young University where I should have majored in English. I live on a lush farm in the heart of Virginia complete with rolling hills, two rivers, more trees than I care to count and a haunted house overlooking two cemeteries. When I’m not busy writing, I can be found chasing cows, fireflies, my four adorable children or my extremely hot husband.

Thursday, February 9, 2012



Good things are happening here.

I talked to my contact at Deseret Book today and we renamed Ugly Duckling on South Field. The new official title is Becoming Bayley. I'm excited about this and I think between the cover and the title, the reader will get a good feeling for what's inside the book. Also it was awesome to hear the words Cover Artist and Publicist tossed around in reference to me and my book.


The other thing I wanted to give you a heads up about is this website. Remember my friend who made up those amazing book covers for Putting Up Stars? Well, she's working on a new look for this website. I can't wait to show you. But it's still going to be a little while.

That's all.

You may now return to your regularly schedule life.