I’ve always loved telling stories. My favorite is the one where I sent the wrong letter to the right boy. We were married the next summer. I attended LDS Business College where I earned an Associate’s in Computer Technology and Brigham Young University where I should have majored in English. I live on a lush farm in the heart of Virginia complete with rolling hills, two rivers, more trees than I care to count and a haunted house overlooking two cemeteries. When I’m not busy writing, I can be found chasing cows, fireflies, my four adorable children or my extremely hot husband.

Why I Write

If you were that girl in high school who was popular, a straight A student, dated the cutest guy, drove the best car, won prom queen, got a full ride to your top college of choice, always got along with your parents...then good for you.

You are definitely not me.

I love writing young adult fiction. It sucks up every spare atom of space in my chest. I live for the angst, that first kiss, the struggle to figure out who you are and where you want to end up.

I'm a sucker for the underdog. I want her to win, no matter what. Even if she is a stallion named Secretariat. (And yes I know that's not a YA story. I still love it anyway.)

But it's all a reflection of me.

Because high school was not epically amazing for me, which probably makes me normal.

More days than not, my dad and I argued. My basketball team, of which I was co-captain, was 1-17 my junior and senior years. (No, I didn't accidentally flip those stats. We cried together in the girls locker room after an almost win.) I had stupid hair, no boobs and a ridiculous curfew. None of the popular girls liked me. I knew what it felt like to be the new girl. I knew what it felt like to walk smack into a pole the first day as the new girl. Yep. I did that. In front of EVERYBODY. I never got the lead role in a play. I worked for every A I got. I watched as the boy I loved walked down the hall with another girl day after day, my heart beating all its contents onto the floor as they went. Conversely, I was the girl who was kissed by the boy she didn't want to be kissed by and who broke his heart in half. And I had to live with that.

I never did feel comfortable in my own skin. My stomach had a little knot in it most days and I was always on edge, always looking ahead until I could get out of that place and become who I really wanted to be.

So when Bayley's hair all falls out and she gets ditched by her date to Senior Prom two weeks before the event, I can write that.

And when Sarah watches the boy she's been in love with since she was ten hold another girl's hand, I can write that. And when she has to bury the older brother who was her best friend in the world, I can write that.

And when Emily has her heart ripped from her chest as she hands over her baby for adoption, I can write that too.

But I also get to write how each of those girls overcomes the hurt and the struggle.

And with each success I write, I succeed a little more. I become a little more of who that sixteen-year- old version of me wanted to grow up to be.

And that makes it all worth it.


A Little More About Me