I know it's not November anymore but today, I am grateful.

Pulling Emma out of traditional high school and trying to get her through a botched semester on a second-rate online program has tested our faith. I knew it was the right choice--the spirit whispered that to me over and over again--but Emma wasn't convinced. She doesn't realize how smart and capable she is and sometimes this shows in her grades. But I can't blame her. A lot of things haven't turned out the way she thought they would. Her confidence is iffy at best and she's at a point where she needs to see some of the fruits of her labor. 

Which brings me to today. 

Today was SOL day for all students enrolled in Biology. We were given a couple of weeks notice and one SOL prep worksheet and that's it. She studied the worksheet, watched episode after episode of Crash Course (Hank Green) and the Amoeba Sisters and any other helpful video she could find. And yet she still felt unprepared. Separately, we took it to the Lord. He had brought her to it. Would He bring her through it? 

As I knelt in my closet (war room) a feeling of peace came over me. But peace, I've learned, doesn't always equal success. I mean, I felt peace when my childhood family's beloved border collie, Dixie, disappeared for a few days. Turned out she had wandered off to die. Likewise, I felt peace when I almost bled to death--literally--and subsequently lost my baby boy at 16 weeks. So. Much. Peace. Same when my dad passed away. 

That's the wonderful thing about Heavenly Father; He let's you know He loves you even, and especially at your lowest times. Thank goodness for that. But you don't always know what those peaceful feelings mean.

So Emma headed into the high school this morning with a full brain and a hopeful heart. 

And then I got an email from the school saying that Emma had only completed half of her Biology class. We didn't realize it was broken in half. Why didn't someone say something before SOL day? But still I was hopeful. Until Emma got in the car.

"Mom, there was not a single thing on that test that I studied." Not one question on Mitosis. No cell theory or Evolution or photosynthesis. "It was all graphs."

I sent a panic-ridden email to the guidance counselor. Emma wasn't nearly as prepared as we'd thought she was. This was a disaster.

And then the beautiful, wonderful guidance counselor replied. Emma not only passed the test, she passed high. There was so much high-fiving and hugging. Okay, mostly, I tackled her in a hug, my cheeks bursting into a full smile, and kissed her all over her cheeks. Such a proud mama moment.

And that, friends, is how wonderful our Heavenly Father is. If you have faith and put in the work, He will make up the rest.

Now, off to get her moving on the rest of that biology class.