It hit me around the time Will hit high school.

It was all flying by.

My life. Swoosh. Like a broken boomerang with no plans of coming back. It was time to be happy and enjoy my kids. Find joy in the journey. I made it a top priority and instead of stressing about whether their grades are good enough (they are!), I find myself laughing at the little things. Everyday, multiple times a day.

But I have a terrible memory and I honestly can't remember the funny stuff from last week. So today, I'm putting down a snapshot. One that I can go back to and read and reread. Today wasn't spectacular. Nothing big happened. It was pretty typical of my life. 

Here's what happened:

I'm not gonna lie. I am not the mother of the year. I'm average. I woke up at 4:15 am for no reason and had the noble thought of making a big breakfast for everyone. They'd love that. Coffee cake, sausage and the new egg recipe Neal taught me at Christmas. 

I fluffed my pillow and went back to sleep. 

When my alarm went off at 7 am it was eerily quiet in the house. Will and Emma were gone. Okay, that's not typical. Usually I'm shooing them out the door to get to their early-morning seminary class at the church. Today they rocked my world and disappeared on time. I had to wake up Cole and make sure he was legitimately awake. He walks and talks and even showers half asleep. (I can tell by his incoherent mumbling.) Then I went down to wake poor Addy who's still recovering from the flu. I mean, her fever is long gone, but she's still beat. We agreed through tears--hers, poor thing--that she should go to school today. She didn't want to get any further behind. 

Cole takes a twenty-minute shower, only exiting when Matt bangs on the door at my request. Cole comes down the stairs and makes the breakfast he deserves--two cinnamon swirl toasts drowning in butter and a huge bowl of Lucky Charms--even though it is time to leave. I patiently wait--I'm getting better with age. He is a growing boy smack dab in the middle of puberty. His Pedro-stash and gigantic feet remind me every minute. Then I wave him towards the bathroom where he takes a solid five, very, long minutes to brush his teeth, his Invisalign trays and the carrier. 

We fly up the driveway at border-collie speed. I know this because Dixie and Peanut Butter do not beat me to the mailbox. Suckas!

I tell Cole to jump out of my car when we're pulling up to his school. He takes thirty long seconds to get his backpack, extra-credit tissues and lunch situated and finally gets himself up on the sidewalk where the school is officially in charge of his safety. I fly through town and zip into the drop-off line at Addy's school. She unstraps before she should and makes me kiss both palms and her cheek and gives me a hug (I live for it). Then she walks into the school as fast as...a zombie. Poor thing.

I come home, everybody's gone. I do this and that. It's weirdly 70 degrees and feels like tornado weather in the middle of January. I finally go out and cut down the weed-bushes blocking Rolfe Eldridge's (Pocahontas's great, great, great... grandson's) gravestone. High-five, Rolfe.

Fast forward to when Emma and Matt get back from community college. Matt leaves to take his dad to a doctor's appointment. Such a good kid. Emma has already snuck up to the tv room, hoping I'll be too lazy to walk up the stairs. Nice try. We haggle it out. It's Friday after all, I really should ease up. Yeah. Like I said, nice try. She does her geometry and Driver's Ed swiftly, once she's been bribed with Chick-fil-a that will happen later.

I pick up Will and Cole from school and Will pressures me into not stopping so seven school buses can enter the traffic nightmare.

Okay, pause.

People in my town are so angelic that they do this thing where they stop dead in the middle of the road and wait while every bus in the school parking lot pulls out. Will calls it the train-bus. It's sweet. I'm glad they do it. But for a seventeen-year-old boy who just wants to get home, it's the highest level of torture.


Will says I should write a letter to the superintendent. People shouldn't stop in the road. They're not supposed to do that. People should just drive like they're supposed to! And if I'm not going to protest then he's going to do something! He will get in his truck next week right when all the schools let out and drive up and down the road purposely getting in the middle of the train-buses and chopping them up so they'll stop doing that crap. He will "waste his time so other people don't have to waste theirs." 

Cole is slumped down in the back seat shaking his head and begging Will to take him home before he does it, as if this is a real thing that's going to happen. 

I'm laughing so hard I have to force myself to stop and look both ways twice before I get on the four lane road. 

We grab Addy who looks just like she did this morning--pitiful. I'm so glad it's a three-day weekend. That girl needs it. We get home and I commence snuggling my baby. White wind noises on my phone and tracing her eyelids with my fingertips. She falls asleep just like her eyes said she would when she got in the car. 

Emma and I rush out because Chick-fil-A is calling and Dad is on his way home to take care of Addy. I wanted Emma to drive but it's stormy so she gets in the passenger's seat and gets set to DJ--the most important job in the car, according to her. She chooses Hamilton. The entire soundtrack. I'm game because I'm cool like that. Emma rap-sings every. single. word. (pausing for every swear word to pass) only stopping to fill me in on some random tidbit of history.

By the way, her favorite characters in order are: Angelica, George Washington, Eliza and Burr tie for third and then Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton doesn't even make the list. Once she even ventures into what she learned in her history class at college today. Apparently, Galileo should've read How To Win Friends and Influence People. I am blown away by how smart she is, I don't know why.

We swim through oceans to get to an away basketball game so she can support someone who deserves her support. We win. We get back in the car and repeat the entire Hamilton thing all the way back.

I arrive home to a sleeping Addy courtesy of Bryan. Thank you, Bryan. Matt who has just spent his evening taking the local missionaries to an appointment now wants to know if he can please, please go to a dance at SVU tomorrow night because...girls. 

Matt and girls?

I'll think about it. 

While I'm making a bedtime snack, Cole pretends to pour his ice cold glass of water on my head and I tell him he will die if he does it for real. He asks why, as if he doesn't know. Because I HATE TO BE COLD MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. So then of course he has to break out into "Would you rather have the cold drink poured on you or my icy cold, severed feet touching you all over your legs?"

What the heck?

And I laugh again.

Oh my gosh. I love my life.