"I LOVED this book! Bayley was such  an amazingly strong girl...I finished  this one yesterday, but I kind of still  feel like I'm in Bayley's world."

 -Cathy, from Fire and Ice


"Four out of five stars. Very  enjoyable read, and make sure a  kleenex is handy too.

 -LDS Women's Book Reviews


"Please, Lord, if you are listening  right now, I’m going to repeat my  oft-repeated prayer: Even though  it’s not great, this is the best hair I’ve  got. Please don’t take it away from  me. Amen."

 -Becca Wilhite,  Author


"An un-put-downable book..."

"It's been a long time since a book  has actually made me cry, made my  heart ache, then made me feel the  tingling butterflies of what it's like to  be so happy and in love..."

 -Goodreads reviewers


" opinionated and loyal. She  is sassy and loving. She's a small-  town girl who has a very clear  understanding of human  nature...guess what her main  character is like?"

 -Melanie Jacobson, Author


"I can't say enough about how much  I loved the romantic element...It was  written in such a realistic and sweet  way that you couldn't help but feel  involved."

 -Holly J. Wood, Author


"I have probably read this book  about five times now. Really, I'm not  kidding. When I want to read  something good, I grab this book  and flip open to just about  anywhere and let myself get sucked  into the pages."

 -Tiffany Odekirk